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Sweet as honey, Hard as a bean

About me

    When I finished the development of BuzzyBean, I started to repair coin-operated machines. Now, my private collection has grown pass 6, that requires both a license and space. I have fully developed 3 unique kinds of blonde ale: BuzzyBean, BuzzyBean Light, BuzzyCocoa. I'm in the development of BuzzyPucker and BuzzyFruit.

    Brewcade: Brewery and Arcade

    The best in Brewing and Arcades surrounding a Cosplay Stage.

    Brewering and Fermenting

    I was going to have an upper level window to display the brewery, but I decided a live monitor system showing the current stock menu, with intermediate displays of the brewery showing every 20 seconds for about 10 seconds would be best with tours and classes showing how to make root beer, etc. for all ages.


    To rotate stock easily every three months there will be an arcade auction with the rules posted 3 weeks in advance. There will be a ticket area for Skee ball and deal or no deal type games. There will be at least a two-story multiplayer arcade machine.

    Cosplay Stage

    This will be one of the most unique Cosplay stages I've ever seen. The back wall will contain a wall-mounted TV, which contains nine 55-inch 1080p screens, with a lava lamp fish-like pillar connected to either side of the stage. To the right of the stage will be the door to Ohio sports based patio and to the left will be the door to the pure air room, and one more room further to the left is the TARDIS door to the cosplay patio. The pure air room consists of a slip resistant gapped floor like next to pools that's blowing pure air upwards, and the ceiling contains vents meant to cleanse the air before it recycled through an air purifier and returned back into the room. The pure air room is the smoking section, but it will have limited occupancy (some might need it for medical reasons) In rare cases, we will temporary change the smoking section until the paramedic has removed the patron.


    Creating New Logo's for The brewery and my products.

    Looking for a Intern

    I'm looking for an intern at least 21 years old, so there is no constraint of what I can teach. I will teach brewing and coin-operated repair with mostly PCB. If you get the documentation from your science teacher, I will sign it, so you get credit. I'm also looking for a younger intern who can also learn how to brew root beer and possibly hold the tour and classes and to keep from getting bored can also intern at the KETO Kitchenette Co which could be Home Economics credit. If younger than 18, I will need to meet your guardian(s) and see their ID's to insure they are not fake and have them sign a permission sheet in the witness of a notary. When the doors are finally open, both full and part-time positioned will be available, but legal guardian(s) will have to sign in front of a notary again if one is to accept.

    Intern needed / Until filled

    Looking for a new home to build with the KETO Kitchenette Co.

    Originally looking for a new build on at least 3 acres of C4 zoned lot or M zoned lot. I'm looking into an already built building that looks currently vacant, so it will take less paperwork and time with permits. I'm also looking at possibly take on financial partners to increase the size to 6 acres for a little more restaurant room in front of the stage. I might keep the size of the arcade section small to open the restaurant in front of the stage. The cosplay magazine stage competition is only every three months, got to keep the patrons full and happy.

    Destination / Now